NewsHospitals Necessitates New Shared-Risk Model

November 3, 2021by Taylor Leverage0

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought radical change to the structure of healthcare operations, causing medical institutions to reevaluate their distribution of resources to better care for their patients and adapt to new economic conditions in a more dynamic economic environment. In this article for MD+DI, Galen Robotics CEO Bruce Lichorowic discusses the potential for shared-risk models to allow hospitals access to advanced surgical equipment without the excessive fiscal exposure of conventional capital expenditures: Pandemic Recovery for Hospitals Necessitates New Shared-Risk Model (

This unprecedented situation creates an opportunity for Galen. As a company, we continued to democratize microsurgery and robotic surgery. Galen is developing collaborative surgical robots for microsurgery unaddressed by today’s surgical robots. The vision is to introduce an affordable, per-usage digital surgery “as-a-service” model. Our robots could capture and utilize digital information to promote continuous improvement of surgical techniques and the training of residents.

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