InsightsSurgical Robotics as a Service Gains Traction in Pandemic Aftermath

June 28, 2021by Taylor Leverage0

The healthcare sector is struggling from the pressure of skyrocketing costs and need to continuously improve the quality of services. The Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated the challenge. As a result, the industry is looking forward to new healthcare business models – including Surgery-as-a-Service.

Galen CEO Bruce Lichorowic is invited by Robotic Business Review to write an article about the impact of Covid-19 to the healthcare industry. The recovery for hospitals and medical centers will take time. So, all medical device manufacturers will need to do their part in aiding in the recovery for hospitals.  While some of these ideas have existed for some time, the urgency and disruption of our times may pave way for some new and valuable innovation.

Read our latest article featured on Robotics Business Review:

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