InsightsCollaborative Robotics as the Next Step in Robotic Surgery

September 23, 2021by Taylor Leverage0

At Galen, we believe collaborative robots that enhance surgical performance are key to the future of robotic surgery. Interestingly, our vision is the same as many industry experts. Read More from the new UK Royal Academy of Surgeons Robotics Whitepaper 

In the article, experts see the opportunity of collaborative robots that enhance surgical performance. “Collaborative approaches that go beyond standard telemanipulation can establish a synergy between robot and surgeon. These have the potential to improve surgical outcomes by ensuring safety in complex procedures, reducing the size of the surgical incision, shortening the learning curve for surgeons, reducing operating times, and eliminating outliers, while at the same time enhancing the user experience through a more intuitive and immersive user experience.”

The insights in this paper consolidate Galen’s vision of Galen ES, showing the importance of Galen ES in the future of the robotic surgery industry as a potential game changer.

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