EventDave Saunders Speaking on Medical Device Cybersecurity

August 11, 2017by Galen Robotics0

Galen Robotics CTO Dave Saunders will be speaking at the 5th Annual Medical Device Product Management Conference (Oct 23-24, 2017) on Cybersecurity Issues Affecting Medical Devices

RISK-BASED APPROACHES TO LONG-TERM MANAGEMENT OF PRODUCTS WITH CONNECTED COMPONENTS As medical devices increase in complexity, and enable highly dynamic interaction with physicians and patients through the integration of connected digital technology, product management executives must consider the long-term product lifecycle in an era of rapidly evolving technology and the need for regular software updates in order to ensure interoperability is maintained securely. With only a limited number of connected devices on the market, but an increasing number planned for the future, device cyber security is a primary concern for product managers looking towards the future of device technology. Recognizing the nuances of managing products that integrate cyber or connected components, and the long-term lifecycle of these products will provide insights ensuring long-term product success.

  • Upstream product management of connected devices
  • Long-term impact of cyber security on product lifecycle
  • Cyber security regulations impacting product management

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